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  1. What the female doc said is false, it’s vary common for a 40yr old to have
    low t and you don’t lose mass you gain mass bc your t lowers your
    metabolism. And injections are proven safer then a pill form. I’m sick of
    these people finding uneducated people to voice there thoughts.

  2. They’re talking about muscle mass..u lose it..and. Youll gain fat mass
    around your waist with low t

  3. Im 40 and stronger than ive ever been in my life. Of coarse I hit the
    weights and eat plenty of healthy fats and protien. I DO believe diet has
    to do with some of these low t numbers. Eat right people and hit the gym .
    Do some squats and deadlifts. You’ll feel great

  4. As a Laymen, I know Testosterone DOSE NOT peak at 40! It peaks between 17
    and 20! There has been numerous studies on this. Where did this Guy get his
    MD from? Geeze~

  5. If you can buy it over the counter, how effective do you really think its
    going to be?
    Boosters are garbage! Some of you have real problems that working out and
    proper diet are not going to fix. Go to a hormone specialist and get blood
    work done to find out whats really wrong with you. If you have
    questions…call me 1-800-375-8499

  6. Avoid fast food, Eat fresh Fish baked not fried. avacados ,fruits, nuts,
    Workout!!! Test boosters are Bullshit. I’m 46 and can stiil get it up.
    Believe me, She’s not complaining.

  7. This video provided nothing for me. I actually know more than what they
    were trying to inform us of. 

  8. I’m 45, I had my test levels checked 2 yrs ago and they were 400. Not that
    low considering my age, but the Dr put me on Androgel. To tell you the
    god’s honest truth, I absolutely don’t see or feel a difference. I got
    checked last months and it is at 850, but I am not stronger, I’m more
    energetic and my Cock can Hammer a Spike into a Railroad tie, but all in
    all as far as my muscles growing, etc, I don’t see a difference. I worked
    out since I was 18 and eat pretty healthy, but still my Chest looks like 2
    Rotten bananas. I don’t know, everyone reacts different. My DR said he can
    give me injections of cypinate, What do u guys think who have tried the
    andrgel and the injections. Any difference in energy, body fat,

  9. Sort of convusing video. The female doctor says it is unusual for a 40
    yr.old man to have low testosterone yet the male doctor says it is normal
    for a 40 yr.old male to have low test. Personally I don’t think you need to
    be a genius or doctor to know that the female doctor is wrong. However I am
    45 and don’t have low test or I don’t think so anyways, never been tested
    for it.

  10. Jeffrey are you serious17!!!!! You are wrong actually because from 13 -17
    you are still going through puberty. The strongest in male’s life is
    generally from 16 to 35 but your testosterone level starts to decrease at
    around 25. By the time a man reaches 40 and up is when he is at his lowest
    T-level of course there are some men who are in better shape and stronger
    in their 40s then they were in their 20s, and stronger than some 18 yr.olds
    . I know I am in better shape than most 18 year olds but stronger than
    someone in early twenties not so sure about that.

  11. I have been using inject able test products for years now, I will be 60
    this year and look 48. I eat well and live in the gym ( kidding ) . I have
    a girlfriend twenty years younger than me….does it make a difference, Oh

  12. No mention of DHEA as an alternative to Testosterone patches/injections?
    will this wreck your testicles using test all the time?

  13. The thing is working outout is nevernever complete without cardio and
    cardio is said to increase cortisol. Tester one boosters are supposed to
    get rid of cortisol which will help an optimal metabolism and help fat
    burn. You want to take in enough calories, workout doing both cardio and
    lifting, intake protein and even consider taking a multivitamin along with
    the T-booster. All this stuff should help with energy levels, lean muscle
    mass and efficient recovery from workouts.

  14. And oh yeah…creatine is simply for those who want to bulk up by
    transferring water weight into muscle. It does increase energy but if you
    ever stop taking it, your body composition will change. You can’t really
    trust anything that doesn’t keep your muscle lean if you want to build
    quality muscle.

  15. I can’t believe how ridiculously misinformed doctors are!!!! …and
    giving really bad advice and information to others!!! Fuck you and your
    white coats!!!

  16. 41 here, and had a level of 111 for T, Doc said it should be anywhere from
    300 to 500, so put me on Androgel, starting it today…

  17. Shit nope, level in the high 200 and I tried androgel, test gel, and dont
    feel a thing. A wast of my money from my doctor. 

  18. These “doctors” are so full of caca. Even if they show me their degrees I
    would not take most of anything they say as fact. Then again I have medical
    knowledge that can get me by, and most don’t. Simply put, do not put all
    your eggs in the basket of doctors and hope for them to be your saviors.
    Some doctors are not worth anyone’s time.

  19. Hiyaaaa! Have you tried – Banyield Amazing Weight Loss (google it)? Ive
    heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got great results
    with it.

  20. So the husband went to the doc and was diagnosed with low test and instead
    of asking the real doc what it means and what they should do, they decide
    to wait and ask on national tv…. thumbs up

  21. Please try natural testosterone supplements and Intermittent fasting before
    you use Drugs!! Works for me!!

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