Getting to Grips with Eyelid Surgery

Getting to Grips with Eyelid Surgery


It’s not a common surgery, nor is it very well publicized, but that doesn’t make eyelid surgery any less important to thousands of people every year. Your eyelids are responsible for a range of things, from keeping your eyes lubricated throughout the day, all the way to shielding them from light, dust and debris. Without your eyelids, your eyeballs would be exposed to all sorts of external forces and a little known fact is that your iris would actually deteriorate as a result.


There are several reasons why eyelid surgery would be required; from an ongoing medical condition that limits the movement of eyelids and eyeballs, all the way to damage and decay or even personal preference in cases of aging. Eyelid surgery, better known in the medical industry as blepharoplasty surgery isn’t just for medical reasons however and in many instances it actually helps to improve the look and feel of the eye area.


A blepharoplasty surgeon isn’t just responsible for improving the condition of eyelids; they also specialize in enhancing their appearance for a tauter aesthetic, in order to remove both wrinkles and age lines. An eyelid surgeon will first evaluate the appearance of your eyelids, including their durability, elasticity and general positioning. Once the details have been finalized, the procedure itself can take place at once, or spread over several individual surgeries (depending on the type of surgery taking place and the extensiveness of the procedure itself).


The price for an eyelid surgery will vary depending on the extensiveness of the procedure, but typical costs range between $2000 and $5000 USD. The surgery will involve the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, or both, and that will depend on the type of surgery being undertaken and the reason for it. In most cases, the eyelids will both be operated on for a matching result and for comfort.


As the eyelid surgery will involve cutting and slicing, a general anaesthetic will be applied with the option to be sedated or for the patient to remain awake during the process. Most patients state that the surgery is entirely painless, even after the procedure and that the recovery is entirely comfortable too, making eyelid surgery one of the only surgeries in the medical industry to boast both a high rate of success and a high satisfaction.


Although a specialist blepharoplasty surgeon will typically handle the procedure, it’s not uncommon for surgeons in general to take care of the surgery. The main reason for this is that eyelid surgery is considered external and doesn’t involve intruding within the body at all beyond the needle for the anaesthetic. As a bonus, the surgery will only take a few hours (unless spaced over a specific amount of time) and a patient can typically be at home that same day, or at most the day after unless any complications arise.

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