Fitness Training

25 thoughts on “Fitness Training”

  1. I’ve been trying to figure this out for about an hour, does anyone know how
    to tell how many calories this burns? I don’t have a heart rate monitor, I
    just need to track the calories I’m burning.. Anyone? Please and thanks

  2. I did some squats and stuff a few days ago and my thighs hurt so much after
    I swear I could barely walk for 3 days … and now I’m scared to try stuff
    I’m not used to XD 

  3. This workout was way too boring. I know its a “beginners” workout, but i
    was expecting some fun cardio. Disappointed. 

  4. If you feel that getting fit has been just out of reach… If you want to
    find your personal “conditioning formula,” you’ve come to the right place!

  5. Omg I’m in such a bad shape. But this was the first cardio work out that
    I’ve actually been able to finish which gives a great feeling! And I just
    loved the streching, it made me feel so energized afterwards!
    Finally a “beginners video” that really is for beginners. Thanks so much

  6. very good workout is all to reach the goal, I have several workouts on my
    channel tae bo is very good for those who want to lose weight.

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    take advantage of it. Just go And Google Skinnimaker System to unlock your
    weight loss potential.

  8. It would be a shame for you not to burn fat when normal people are able to
    shed fat easily using Fat Blast Furnace (check it out on Google).

  9. Can you make an ABSOLUTE beginners video? Or have one of your friends show
    easier versions of the moves in case we can’t get them? I got weight to
    lose and I really can’t do some of the moves on the floor. Thank you!

  10. I tried it for the first time. .. it felt great.. but im only able to do
    for 28 mins… I guess I will try harder next time…

  11. Thank you so much for this workout. I’m restarting my workouts after a
    couple months off, and this is just what I need to work my way back up..
    Really happy I found you Anna! You’re such an inspiration

  12. I just tried this video to give variety to my workout, really is great for
    beginners, and for advanced ones, just picking up the pace, and you’ll
    still be sweating! putting this on my workout playlist!

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