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  1. There is also a risk that ailments that cannot be diagnosed by naturopaths
    will go untreated while a patient attempts treatment programs designed by
    their naturopath. Certain naturopathic treatments, such as homeopathy,
    rolfing, and iridology, are widely considered pseudoscience or quackery.
    Non-scientific health care practitioners, including naturopaths, use
    unscientific methods and deception on a public who, lacking in-depth health
    care knowledge, must rely upon the assurance of providers.

  2. LOL, I call MDs quackery, I agree with Dr Fritz, there is so much of the
    body we don’t know about, so what if they use treatments science doesn’t
    understand. The method works and if you get the treatment wrong, it doesn’t
    kill you. Pjarmaceuticals however if given in wrong doses do kill people.
    I’d go with naturopathy anytime and more importantly, the BIGGEST quackery
    is Vaccines

  3. I have a 32 year old brother dying with an enlarged heart and leaking
    valves. Bloodwork came back great, blood pressure-good. The doctors dont
    know why. Is there anything you could recommend as a natural cure? Hes on
    beta blockers and a bunch of other meds.

  4. My dad is a chiropractor. 🙂 And I want to be a holistic vet so basically
    treat animals naturally too… 🙂

  5. @totakeke Or because they don’t stand up to peer review when they make it
    onto the real research journals.

  6. @totakeke Could you please update the Wikipedia page on Homeopathy to
    include references to these MANY MANY controlled studies you talk about.
    Wikipedia is the first source that most people turn to when researching
    Homeopathy. If the information there is wrong, why don’t you correct it?

  7. @Jeraminal I do the same – never go back to a Dr who isn’t worth my time. I
    do have proof that neurotoxins and the like are promoted by the medical
    field so I guess I am waiting on proof that natural medicine does anything.
    If that never comes, oh well.

  8. @Jeraminal , Homeopathy is a huge business and many pharmacy companies sell
    homeopathic products. CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and others carry
    homeopathic remedies just because people buy them. They don’t work. The
    pharmacists will even tell you they don’t work if you ask them, but people
    still buy them.

  9. @totakeke And naturpoaths aren’t that altruistic either – I see lots of
    them with big houses a stable of arabian horses etc as well. And the
    companies that make all those “natural” supplements that are prescribed
    aren’t doing it for free as well.

  10. Can i interview u? I want to het into naturopathic industry and would love
    to pick your brain.

  11. Look, I think your just pulling this out of your ass. Just because you may
    not know about human anatomy and biology, doesn’t mean make up your own
    ideas about how disease works and treat it like that.

  12. things you dont understand or cant comprehend or is different from what you
    believe in, you brand as fake, quack or whatever your intellect can come up
    with to deny it’s existence. remember how pharmacy or medicine started?

    unless you PERFECTLY know how the human body works and CAN CURE every kind
    of disease.. shut it! cuz u may know SOME of what you are talking about but
    you dont know everything. calling people quack just cuz they practice
    differently than you do.. the world would be better off if people were open

    it’s sad but it’s true. people who can’t think “outside the box” exist.

  13. This is one of my most favorite modality of medicine since naturopathy uses
    natural medicine and the #natural defense of the body to actually heal the
    body instead of using #pharmaceutical drugs for treatment. Thanks +

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