Low Testosterone

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  2. I have taken propecia for 6 months and have been off it for almost 18
    months, unfortunately I am still suffering from persistent side effects,
    that resemble the symptoms of LOW T, such as low libido, reduced muscles,
    fatigue etc. Can you establish the link and the mechanisms at play that
    caused this? Thanks

  3. I’m sure it was missed off for a reason but It’d be good to know the
    relationship between low Testosterone and the pituitary hormones and how
    that would fit in with the flow chart in discussion. great video

  4. Another chiropractor pretending he’s a medical doctor. He says he’s a
    doctor, one of the first words he begins with, followed by blah blah blah.

  5. i am enjoying DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and its effects on my body. now
    losing my hair and developing a nice bald spot while my ears are growing
    dark/coarse hairs i must remove every few days via tweezing. my strength is
    also dropping as well as depression (various levels) as well as agitation
    are now common.

  6. even this video is too simple. i forgot about shbg and albumin. receptor
    sensitivity is important too. clinical symptoms are the most important
    factor when prescribing testosterone.

  7. This is my issue! Thank you! I have been under a ton of stress due yo my
    wife cheating on me for a year and leaving me. I eat like shit and have pre
    diabetis. My T is 289.

    What do I do from here please?

  8. My test is 90. I have many symptoms that include fatigue,anxiety and the
    list goes on.all doctors I have been through want to put men on test. My
    question is, how safe is synthetic test to a patient with high cholesterol
    and a family history of heart disease? What other safe alternative to syn

  9. Although there are people who probably need “T” therapy, it’s being blown
    out of proportion. IMO, what we eat has a lot to do with our system
    imbalances. Most of us think we are eating healthy; we are not. Processed
    foods are a big part of depression, anxiety, and the conditions of “low
    test”. Processed sugar, which is in most of our foods these days, is a
    poison. The vegetables, which are treated with pesticides are causing high
    estrogens. I started to experience some low libido and symptoms of

    I have now cut out all sugars. I eaten a lot of “free range” eggs. I juice
    a lot of organic vegetables. I eat 4 to six pieces of fruit per day. I am
    53 years old and I feel great now. I took up weight lifting 10 months ago
    and gained approx 10 lbs of muscle. I don’t think it would have been
    possible without a major diet change.

  10. Thanks for this video. Didn’t realize all the factors that went into

    I’ve been looking into my recent fatigue and lowered libido as possible
    overtraining, which seems to revolve around CNS issues, but could it just
    be testosterone being depleted or would the CNS fatigue cause the low
    testosterone, since you mentioned something about adrenal glands in there.

    Aside from the lowered energy levels, the biggest thing telling me
    something is amiss is how I have to think about getting an erection when
    doing the daily porn thing. Prior to the fatigue issues, I’d just be like
    “Oh look, tits … oh look, an erection” Now it’s like “Oh look, tits …
    huh, ok, work with me here penis. You can do it. Erection, GO! … GO! …
    aaand, GO! … Ah, there we go!”

  11. Could you put the link to Diagnostex in the More Info box? Your search
    function on your site isn’t working and google comes up with hits that
    don’t look right.

  12. Doc, I find it sad that testosterone is getting the blame for the heart
    attacks and strokes when in fact, the real reason to the problems is
    doctors not prescribing aromatase inhibitors like Arimidex along side
    Testosterone Replacement Therapy…

    By not prescribing Arimidex they EXTREMELY increase their patients levels
    of estrogen which is the REAL CAUSE to the heart attacks and strokes..

    Had they prescribed a proper protocol, these problems would never arise…

    But of course, the doctor always thinks he knows best and will not listen
    to the patient who insists he needs Arimidex alongside testosterone

  13. Doc, plus you missed the most important part when it comes to testosterone

    Which is the HYPOTHALAMIC PITUITARY GONADAL AXIS and its processes in the
    hormonal feedback loop…

    Its effects on GnRH, LH, FSH and determining if a patient has primary or
    secondary Hypogonadism…

    Not only is this key to determining their testosterone levels but it could
    be evident that a more serious condition is at play, such as pituitary

    You talked about the pathways in which testosterone is created but if the
    hypothalamus is not secreting GnRH to stimulate the release of LH and FSH
    there will be low testosterone production nonetheless…

    So in a lot of cases, it isn’t just about bad diet and lifestyle…There is
    many other serious medical conditions causing secondary hypogonadism, as
    well as primary hypogonadism…

    So rather then just assuming it has to do with diet, stress, or
    lifestyle…Your first step should be to take a closer look at the HPTA and
    looking at LH and FSH levels to determine primary or secondary shutdown…

    Again, there could be many other serious issues causing the low
    testosterone production..

  14. The lab name that I mention in the video is “Diagnos-Techs” and can be
    found at Diagnostechs.com.

  15. I tried to get my Doc to do a blood test for low testosterone and was shot

  16. How can I find a Dr in my area that uses that lab or tests. If I can’t
    find one, can I have you order, read it and perscribe?

  17. Hello Doctor, I have a question about vegan diet. Does vegans have enought
    cholesterol to have normal testosterone levels? What is your opinion on

  18. Great video. What are your feelings about taking finasteride for hair
    loss? As a physician do you feel it is not worth the side effects? Would
    you take it yourself? Why or why not? I am curious to get your opinion and
    how you feel about it as I am considering it for my own hair loss. 

  19. How accurate can saliva testing be next to a blood sample? From things I
    have seen blood is far more accurate then Saliva. Thank you for the

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