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  1. Awesome video!! I was just inquiring about the different certs and you
    shared some very good information!!!! Thank you!!

  2. I am studying and researching about becoming Certified Personal Trainer at
    my community College I would love to have more Information about it would
    you help me? 

  3. What about ncsf I just passed today I also have associate degree in
    kinesiology and working on my bachelors. 

  4. Are you old to be a personal trainer at 30 years old with no knowledge of
    even how to be one, just the drive to try?

  5. Would you happen to know any credible certifications if I wanted to be a
    certified nutritionist on top of PT?

  6. Great video. If I’m looking to get ACE, do I just take classes on online
    then take cert test? Do I need a college degree before even taking ACE
    classes? Thanks 

  7. I Don’t have any personal training experience but i do have a passion for
    health and fitness. I spend all of my free time doing personal research. I
    was normally looking at NASM, but hearing about ACE has caught my
    attention. If i was looking to start my career off at a gym as part of a
    personal trainer team, would NSAM or ACE be better? ACE is cheaper, but do
    you get what you pay for with NASM?

  8. I am thinking of getting NCSF certified but I’m on my junior year for my
    bachelors in kinesiology athletic medicine concentration, would a NCSF be a
    better option than NASM with regards to my degree? Appreciate any feedback!
    Thanks for your time in advance. 

  9. I’m having a hard time choosing between ISSA, NESTA, NFPT, and ACSM. I know
    you said if I’m correct NFPT and ACSM are like the mother of personal
    training and for if you wanna work with athletes ( which I do) but I also
    would like work with regular clients. I would like thorough knowledge since
    this would be enhancing my career as a massage therapist meeting clients
    from all walks of life. Which one do you think would be best considering I
    see multiple people actually go for NASM which for some reason could not
    get interested in their program 

  10. Great info. Have you heard of Action personal trainer certification? If you
    have, what do you think about it? Thanks

  11. +Jonathan FitPro’s Personal Training Tips How is ISSA’s PT cert? I am
    living in Thailand at the moment so I don’t have many choices to do a
    course as most require me to write an exam in the states.

  12. First off, thanks for everything you do. Once I become certified I’ll
    definitely be utilizing your channel more. But I had a question as to which
    cert. to choose based on how I learn. I feel I would do best in a classroom
    setting. Do you know any good certs that offer that? 

  13. Hello Jonathan I am a Dietetics and nutrition student but took some time
    off. I want to know which approach would give me the most knowledge about
    the different components aspects of personal training. Seems like NASM and
    ACE are my two options that I’m considering. 

  14. So personal training certifications and other certifications (such as
    exercise physiologist certifications) through these organizations just
    involves studying and taking a test right? No classes involved?

  15. I’ve actually heard of Action Certification. To dig a little deeper with
    them. They have NCCA accreditation just like all of the majors you’ve
    mentioned. So they actually are NOW in the same class as NASM, ACE, NFPT,
    ISSA, etc. Based on my research the actual accreditation is what sets the
    bar on which certs and learning criteria are credible.

  16. NSCA is head and shoulder above everybody else. ACSM is good as well. but I
    have owned books from multiple of these organizations and all but NSCA (and
    ACSM to an extent) have dumbed down books, but NSCA and ACSM books actually
    resemble a book you’d receive in college while the other books are just too
    easy and seem like they aren’t serious. Really there should be a standard,
    all personal trainers should have to have AT LEAST 2 years of college but 4
    is better.

  17. What kind of books would be good to get to study for a cert and if i was to
    just read the books n take an exam without online classes or in school how
    would i take it

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